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Above: Rio Tinto and Airservices Australia international conference materials / 5d marketing collateral
With: 5d Consulting
Projects: Conference collateral concept development and design, teasers, invites, posters, signage, newsletters, handbooks, booklets, passports, tickets, bottlewraps etc
Testimonial: "It's rare to come across someone that connects so well with the concepts and intent in a design conversation. Many times I have simply spent 5 minutes speaking with Megan around my ideas and sent her some rough sketches and she has turned around near final copy in one iteration. Her work gives us the professional presentation that allows us to represent our brand in the way we have planned." [Daniel Weule, Managing Director, 5d Consulting]
5d is a cutting edge management consultancy which always lays an exciting design challenge on the table. Conference collateral for the international big-hitters needs to be innovative and engaging. Brainstorming great ideas with these guys and collaborating to achieve brilliant results is always fun!