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Above: Yearbook / Eagle magazine
With: John Paul College
Projects: Annual reports, Eagle magazine, show promos, adverts, yearbooks, logos, handbooks, brochures, posters, conference materials, e-signatures, web banners, greeting cards
Testimonial: "Megan has provided the creative flair for a wide range of College publications including brochures, advertisements, posters and the annual Yearbook. Her design genius, meticulous attention to detail and ability to engage clients ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget. It is my pleasure to recommend Megan’s work. [Sue Homann, John Paul College]
I’ve been working with John Paul College for over 15 years, which makes them one of my oldest and most treasured clients. Over the years we have worked together to keep the visual identity of the college distinctly recognisable and ever-evolving, remaining contemporary and aligned with the vision of the current Head Master and communications director.