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Above: Collateral for various appeals
With: RSPCA Qld
Projects: Brochures, posters, coupons, info packs, letters, envelopes, e-signatures, web banners, adverts, tee shirts, logo development, post cards, banners, signage
Testimonial: "I have just opened + printed it and .. I LOVE IT! It is exactly the look + feel that we talked about and were aiming for. Colours, font type are spot on! thank you." [Anna Hartley, RSPCA Queensland]

The work I do with organisations like RSPCA means so much to me. RSPCA Qld produces a variety of appeal materials each year to raise funds and awareness. Each appeal needs to have it's own impact, a unique look and feel, and touch the reader in a meaningful way... while remaining true to the RSPCA Qld brand.