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Above: Strategic intent document / annual report
With: RSL Care
Projects: Annual report, strategic intent, brochures, banners, signage, posters, review, appeal material, Christmas card
Testimonial: "I have worked with Megan for over three years across two different not-for-profit organisations. During this time I have been continually impressed (not surprised) by her ability to quickly ‘get’ briefs; to quickly turn work around and to deliver work that is both smart and creative. Nothing is too simple or too complex for Megan and everything is spot-on and clean. You can brief Megan with the confidence you will be rewarded with a fantastic design which is on-brief – or better. Whether it is a creative logo or a corporate publication – Megan’s work is consistently high quality with customer service to match." [Anna Townend, Manager Corporate Affairs and Communications RSL Care]
We made use of subtle visual references to the ANZAC history of RSL Care, by incorporating army hat and uniform detail and background textures and a sprig of rosemary. I suggested a tasteful use of wattle as the hero theme, which also helps tie the two companion publications together. Transitioning the branding from bright blocks of primary colour to a more subtle, understated use of the corporate palette and logo was also part of the brief.